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What can I expect from The Modern Mystery School Ensofic RayTM treatment?

during your treatment...

you will be in a quiet, undisturbed setting, generally with soft music to mask any ambient noise. Always be sure to communicate with your practitioner prior to starting a session. If there are previous injuries, surgeries or health conditions that might impact your ability to lay flat on your back, front or sit up in a chair, let them know so they can adjust the treatment according to your needs.

Most importantly, this treatment is meant to be relaxing and healing. Remember to breathe, enjoy the music, and take in any sensations you may feel.

Treatment Process

A typical treatment of Ensofic Ray is comprised of three sessions, each with its own unique focus.



The Physical Body

The first session of Ensofic Ray is all about working with the physical body. It works on the energies within the body, any physical ailments, or psychological issues that may underlie present physical symptoms. 

This 60-minute treatment uses Ensofic Reiki , to help energies flow through the physical body in preparation for the next session.

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The Soul & Spirit

The second session of Ensofic ray is devoted to dealing with the Soul and Spirit Body of the client.  The 1-hour treatment is divided into two parts doing this session. 

The first 30 minutes will involve the practitioners hands flowing pure Ensofic Ray energy to the client. The remaining 30 minutes will involve placing sacred seals into the etheric field of the clients body, allowing a shift, and healing, of the Soul Body with the Spirit Body. 

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Client Customization

The final 60-minute session is dedicated to specific needs of the client at that particular time. During this treatment, either the Ensofic Ray or reiki treatments may be repeated, as well as checking the 12 seals to ensure they are still locked into place.

The main goal of this session is to ensure the clients receives attention to any issues that may be present. Any question, concerns, or comments will also be answered. If necessary, a fourth session may be scheduled. 

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